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Important Auto Insurance Info

We have seen many crazy things over the years, but there is one thing that we see over
and over again that always shocks us. We can’t figure out why insurance agents never
recommend these two extremely important but very under-used types of coverage. The
only thing we can assume is that because these coverages are so cheap, the insurance
companies must not want to recommend them.

So, based on our 20 years of observation-here are the two best kept secrets in the car
insurance world…

MedPay Benefits

If you do not have health insurance or if you do but your deductible is
more then you could easily pay, then you NEED this type of coverage. It covers the
medical expenses for you, your family or anyone in the car that you own. The benefits
are paid whether the accident was your fault or not. It can save you severe financial
strain. It also allows you to be seen in any hospital or doctor’s office to help you heal
properly. It is amazingly cheap- we keep a $50,000 per person policy on our auto and it
only costs us $8 per month. REALLY!. And your premiums don’t go up if you use it.
Your agent may not tell you about this coverage or may even discourage you from getting it but stick to it and make sure you add it on. Please don’t become one of the many heartbreaking cases that we have seen over the years that desperately need care for their family but don’t feel like they can afford it.

Uninsured & Under-Insured Motorists

This coverage pays for injuries caused by another driver that hits your car, but they either do not have insurance or have insufficient coverage to pay for your injuries or to fix your car. Depending on where you live, up to 30% of the people are driving without insurance due t the economy. If they hit you and you don’t have that coverage, your injuries are not going to be paid for and your car is not going to be covered. This very important coverage is also one of the least expensive, often it’s $1.00 per month.

We care about our practice members and want to help where we can. So whether it's
taking good care of your health or passing along some information we’ve learned along
the way - we've got your back.

One final gift from us to you is the Auto Accident Checklist. Use it in case you ever get in an accident. Print it out and keep it in your glove box so that you have one less thing to worry about. Print one for your friends and family, too. It keeps you organized and gets you important information during a very stressful time.

Be well and drive safely.